Certificate in Software Engineering - Online


Software Engineering

Program Director

Ozgur Aktunc, Ph.D.

About the Certificate

The certificate program in Software Engineering provides students with the knowledge and the skills necessary to apply sound engineering theory, principles, tools and processes, as well as principles of computer science and mathematics, to the evaluation, design, development, testing and maintenance of complex software systems. This program is designed to serve the needs of individuals who would like to increase their knowledge and skill levels in the field of software engineering in a short time frame.

It is important to note that this certificate program does not focus on providing students with a large repertoire of programming skills that emphasize particular language syntax. Coding is only one phase of the software life cycle. Instead, the program gives students the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and manage large-scale software systems with a primary focus on quality, reliability, and maintainability. It emphasizes the organizational structures, development processes, analysis and modeling techniques, design methodologies, documentation standards, and quality controls. The student will learn all aspects of software development; namely, software project management, system specifications, requirement analysis, design techniques, documentation, coding, testing, maintenance, quality assurance, and configuration management.

Students who successfully complete the certificate program are highly encouraged to continue and earn their Master of Science degree in Software Engineering by taking five additional courses and complete a capstone project or four additional courses and a thesis.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must have a Bachelor of Science degree in Software Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering or a closely related discipline.

Applicants whose Bachelor of Science degree is not in Software Engineering, Computer Science or Computer Engineering are required to demonstrate proficiency in the following subjects or take the corresponding prerequisite courses at St. Mary’s University or other institutions:

The certificate program in Software Engineering is a four-course (12 hour) program. Students will choose four courses from this list of three-hour courses:

Select four of the following:12
Software Project Planning and Management
Requirements Engineering
Soft. Des & Architecture
Software Quality Assurance
Soft. Verification & Valid.
Software Maintenance, Evolution and Reengineering
Total Semester Hours12