B.S. in Computer Science

St. Mary’s University Core 1
SMC 1301Foundations of Civilization3
SMC 1311Foundations of Reflection:Self3
SMC 1312Foundations of Reflection: Nature3
SMC 1313Foundations of Reflection: Others3
SMC 1314Foundations of Reflection: God3
SMC 2301Foundations of Practice: Ethics3
SMC 2302Foundations of Practice: Civic Engagement and Social Action3
SMC 2303Foundations of Practice:Fine Arts and Creative Process3
SMC 2304Foundations of Practice: Literature3
SMC 4301Capstone Seminar: Prospects for Community & Civilization3
School of Science, Engineering, and T echnology Specific Core
Select one of the following:
Fundamentals of Oral Communication
Business and Professional Communication
Argumentation and Debate
Rhetoric & Composition 23
Rhetoric and Composition
Foreign Languages6
Select one of the following:
6 hours at the sophomore level (2311, 2312) in a Foreign Language previously studied for a minimum of one year
6 hours of introductory level (1311, 1312) in a Foreign Language not previously studied
12 hours of CLEP/AP credit
History/Social Science3
Select one of the following:
Any HS course
Fundamentals of Business Enterprise
Introduction to Criminal Justice
Adjudication of Social Issues
Introductory Macroeconomic Theory
Introductory Microeconomic Theory
Organizational Behavior
American National Government
Texas State & Local Government
Introduction to Global Affairs
General Psychology
Human Factors
Introductory Sociology
Social Issues
Perspectives and Themes in History, Philosophy and/or Theology
Perspectives and Themes in Social Science
Select one of the following:
Advanced Theology TH 33XX/43XX
Perspectives and Themes in History, Philosophy and/or Theology
Fine Arts/Literature3
Select one AR, DM, MU or any EN 23XX literature course
BS Computer Science Courses
CS 1310Programming I3
CS 1311Programming II3
CS 2110Sophomore CS Seminar1
CS 2313Object Oriented Programming I3
CS 2315Algorithms3
CS 2323Object Oriented Programming II3
CS 2350Computer Architecture3
CS 3110Junior CS Seminar1
CS 3310Intro to Systems Analysis and Design3
CS 3335Survey of Programming Languages3
CS 3340Software Engineering3
CS 3350Operating Systems3
CS 4110Senior CS Seminar1
CS 4320Files & Databases3
CS 4330Data Communication3
CS 4395Senior Project3
Advanced Computer Science CS 33XX/43XX3
Math Minor Courses
MT 2412Calculus I4
MT 2413Calculus II4
MT 3323Discrete Math Structures3
MT 3324Linear Algebra3
Advanced Mathematics MT 3XXX/43XX3
An elective can be any course taken from any discipline.7
Proficiency in Informati on Technology and Information Literacy
For this major, this requirement will be fulfilled by coursework in this degree plan.
Total Semester Hours120

This is a recommended degree plan subject to changes. Please meet with your adviser on a regular basis. 

First Year
FallSemester HoursSpringSemester Hours
EN 13113SMC 13XX3
CS 13103Speech3
MT 24124CS 13113
ND 01010MT 24134
 13 16
Second Year
FallSemester HoursSpringSemester Hours
Foreign Language3Foreign Language3
CS 21101CS 23233
CS 23133CS 23503
CS 23153MT 33243
MT 33233 
 16 15
Third Year
FallSemester HoursSpringSemester Hours
Fine Arts/Literature3CS 33403
CS 31101CS 43303
CS 33103MT 43513
CS 33503 
 16 15
Fourth Year
FallSemester HoursSpringSemester Hours
Advanced Theology3SMC 43013
History/Social Science3CS 43953
CS 33353Elective3
CS 41101Elective3
CS 43203Elective1
Advanced Computer Science3 
 16 13
Total Semester Hours 120